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The Way of St.Jakob is everywhere
for example Kelheim, Dachau, Germering-Unterpfaffenhofen, Starnberg, Bad Toelz, Kempten.


  The St.Jakobs Church in Germering-Unterpfaffenhofen

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Camino de Santiago
Trail Kelheim over
Germering-Unterpfaffenhofen to Kempten

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Here you can buy a pilgrim's pass for 10.- €. +
Jakobs Scallop

Eingang Pension

Drinking water for the pilgrim

Unser Jakobsbrunnen

The old Catholic parish church, today Filialkirche St. Jacob in Unterpfaffenhofen, a district of Germering in the Upper Bavarian district of Fürstenfeldbruck, was built in 1500 at the site of a Romanesque church.
The church, which is dedicated to the Apostle James the Elder, is one of the protected architectural monuments in Bavaria.
Under the current church excavations have discovered a Roman hypocaust system and the foundations of a Romanesque church. The brickwork of the eastern nave was built over Romanesque tufa blocks. The choir and tower were built around 1500. At the end of the 17th century, the church was redecorated in Baroque style and the nave ceiling was decorated with frame stucco. In 1740 the nave was extended and on the south side the sacristy and a sign were added. At the same time, the church received its Rococo style furnishings. 1902 was another extension of the nave.


Der Jakobsweg in Germering